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mr. nawab mohammed muneer bin jung

all breeds
country : India

About the Judge

Nawab Mohammed Muneer Bin Jung has been a part of the KCI Dog Show Scene for the past 42 years and it follows that, most of the fraternity know him well. Past and present stalwarts admired his skills and verve at handling dogs even at a very young age, and predicted that in time to come he would mature into a Dog Man ‘s ‘Dog Man’. They were very fond of him and forecasted wisely. But for the benefit of our new enthusiasts a brief introduction to him could be of interest. He has travelled to most Canine Promoting Countries and has spent time with world famous Kennels and thereby acquired valuable knowledge. It has been his good fortune to have been tutored, guided and influenced by such famous authorities as all the Indian Greats and Dr. Harold. R. Spira , Herr Erhard Thierolf , Herr Walter Martin, Herr Herman Martin , Dr. Ernest Beck, Mr. Malcolm Griffith, Mr. Bo Nyman, Mr .Sam Bonifacio , Mr. David Roche, Mr. Mario Magsaysay, and his best and dear friend Mr.Louis Donald , from whom he acquired a world of knowledge. But his greatest benefactor has been his father Nawab Nazeer Yar Jung, who taught him from the very basics to the delicate finalities of craftsmanship in Canine Interest. Under his family kennel ‘Paigahs’ he has owned over 2000 dogs in his lifetime, spanning over 29 Breeds, comprising of Dachshunds, Beagles, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Borzois, Salukis, Caravan Hounds, Fox Terriers, Boxers, Pugs, Pomeranians, Chihuahua, Whippets, Jonangees, Samoyeds, Afghan Hounds, Dobermans, German short haired pointers, just to name a few. He won his first Best in Show in 1972,when he was six years old with his red Dachshund and has been winning achievements ever since. He has won about 1000 Challenge Certificates and over 100 Board Placing! Although he enjoys All Breeds, his All Time Favorite is the ‘German shepherd Dog’ of which he has owned over 600 till date. So, it is not surprising that, other than being an All Breeds Judge Nawab Muneer Bin Jung is also a German Shepherd Specialist Judge and is an Authorized Honorary Anatomical Assessee of the GSDCA , Australia. He has an excellent eye for dogs and has hence owned, bred and exhibited umpteen number of beautiful dogs. His methods of upbringing young dogs, their care, exercise, stretching and massage are exceptional and his art of handling is greatly admired and talked about internationally.